The most effective ways to increase height at the age of 18

Certain medical conditions can cause height at the age of 18 to increase. Although most will not grow in height after the age of 18, there are exceptions to this rule. … If growth plates remain open at 18, this is not common but height can still continue to increase

Height is largely determined by genetics (23%) and most people won’t grow taller after the age of 18 . However, proper nutrition during childhood and puberty can help maximize height. If you’re not satisfied with your height, you may want to consider some simple strategies to look and feel your best. These can include good posture, wearing shoes or heels, or lifting weights to build muscle. What’s more, focusing on your own strengths and other areas of self-improvement can help keep the height issue away.

Certain medical conditions can cause adult height to increase. Although most adults won’t grow taller after the age of 18, there are exceptions to this rule. … If growth plates remain open from the age of 18, these cases are uncommon, most occurring in underdeveloped, developing countries. In these countries, nutritional conditions are still limited, so the body does not have enough nutrients to grow, leading to delayed puberty.

What determines your height at 18?

Before discussing whether it is possible to change your height at 18 as an adult, it is important to consider what determines your height at birth. The easy answer is genetics (23%), but that’s not all that determines your height in adulthood. The remaining 67% is due to environmental factors such as nutrition.

Trends in height worldwide in developed, developing and underdeveloped countries help demonstrate the importance of nutritional and lifestyle factors. Research shows that in many countries, the average person was taller in 1996 than in 1896

Some studies suggest that Koreans are on average shorter than South Koreans despite having similar genetics and ancestry. Specifically, when South Korean men reach a height of 170.1cm, North Korean men only reach 165.6cm, Kim Chi women reach 157.4cm, North Korean women only reach 154.9cm. This is completely understandable, because Korea is one of the most developed countries in Asia in all aspects, living conditions, nutrition, health care, sports activities…

If in 1979, Korea’s GDP per capita was only $1,700/year, today, South Korea’s GDP per capita is about $25,000/year. Therefore, the nutrition in Korean meals also ensures quality, full of nutrient groups, in which foods rich in vitamins in fruits and vegetables are also considered. As for North Korea, although it has stopped publishing GDP for decades, it is easy to see that this is a city mainly developing military strategies, so it is still very difficult in terms of economic conditions, just in terms of nutrition. However, people in North Korea still have serious vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This is also one of the reasons why South Koreans are always taller than North Koreans.


Most height won’t increase after 18 years old

For most people, height won’t increase after age 18 due to hardening or “closing” of growth plates in the bones. Even with a healthy diet full of essential nutrients, most people won’t increase their height after the age of 18.

The chart below shows the growth rates from birth to age 20 for boys and girls . As you can see, the growth lines drop to zero between the ages of 18 and 20.

The increase in height is mainly due to the elongation of the long bones, as the growth plates (the area of ​​specialized cartilage near the end of the long bones) are still active or open. Near the end of puberty, hormonal changes cause the growth plates to harden or proximal and the elongation of the bones to stop. Some studies have shown that the discs in your spine may continue to grow throughout adulthood, but the impact on overall height is minimal.

Exercises to help you grow taller at the age of 18

A fairly common method to improve height at any age is certain exercises or stretching techniques that can make you grow taller. Common activities such as pull-ups, hanging, stretching, swimming can help increase height but achieve very little effect at the age of 18 without abstinence.

Many people worry that exercise, especially weight lifting, can be detrimental to your height. The cartilage of the growth plates is weaker than the mature bone that forms during maturation and is likely to be damaged more easily. However, most research shows that weight training is safe and beneficial at any age, as long as it is appropriately supervised. Furthermore, studies have shown that weight training before adulthood does not reduce growth.

You can refer to some exercises to increase height after puberty such as:

Forward bend exercise

  • This is the most popular way to increase height and helps the leg muscles stretch and relax.
  • In doing this, leg muscle strength improves significantly. It adds depth to the abdomen and will lengthen the spine.


  • Stand up straight and raise your arms in the air.
  • Now slowly bend and try to touch your feet with your fingers.
  • Remember to keep your knees straight without bending.
  • It will be difficult to touch the foot without bending the knee at first.
  • Doing it regularly for five to ten times a day is beneficial.


  • Jumping rope is another way to stretch muscles to increase height.
  • Jumping rope is a stretching activity that primarily affects the calves but also activates the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.


  • Grab a jump rope and jump with both feet in sync with the cable.
  • You can repeat this process as long as you can.


  • Like aerobics, Pilates is a fast-paced exercise that limits body flexibility and stretches. It shakes off the rigidity of the body.
  • Pilates not only helps to stay in shape but also strengthens the abs by thoroughly training the lower body. Stronger muscles mean more weight holding capacity and thus, height growth.


  • Extend your arms, parallel to the ground.
  • Your feet should be far apart.
  • Straighten your legs to bring the ball forward.
  • Now roll back, creating a straight line with your body.
  • Bring your chest and come off the ball as you lift them.
  • Hold for 5 seconds and repeat.

Swimming on land

  • For those of you who are afraid of water, here’s how you can swim comfortably without water! This might be the best stretching exercise to increase height after puberty.
  • This stretching technique strengthens the lower back muscles, calves, and toned arms as well. This results in an extra few centimeters of height.


  • Your right arm should work with your left leg and vice versa.
  • Lying in a vulnerable position, lift each pair in turn, stretching each limb as much as you can.
  • It gives the best results if you can hold each pair of limbs for 20 seconds in the air.
  • Continue to repeat and do for 3 to 4 sets initially and gradually increase.


Healthy lifestyle before the age of 18

Eating enough and avoiding nutrient deficiencies during childhood and puberty can help maximize potential for growth. While it may not be possible to dramatically change your height as an adult, there are things you can do to maximize your height potential during the teen years.

While many children eat enough (or even too much), the quality of the diet is often poor . Because of this, many individuals in modern society are deficient in important nutrients such as vitamin D and calcium. These nutrients are important for bone growth and overall health.

  • Calcium from the diet alters hormone production in a way that benefits bones. Vitamin D  may also improve bone health. A great way to combat nutrient deficiencies and promote optimal bone growth is to increase your daily fruit and vegetable intake.
  • Eating enough protein is also essential for bone health, in fact, higher protein intake is beneficial for the bone density of the spine. One way to increase your protein intake is to try to consume at least 20 grams of protein each time you eat. Good sources of protein include eggs, poultry, lean meat, and dairy. Soybeans and other legumes are also rich in protein.

Although proper nutrition during puberty is essential to achieve maximum height, there can be differences between boys and girls. Some studies have shown that environmental factors, such as nutrition, may play a larger role in height in women than in men. This may be partly due to differences in access to food and medical care or to higher rates of osteoporosis among women.

Healthy lifestyle choices, such as not smoking, can also benefit height during growth. However, it is important to remember that while lifestyle factors in childhood can affect height.

Some medical conditions help increase height 18 years old

Although most adults won’t grow taller after the age of 18, there are exceptions to this rule . First, closure of growth plates may be delayed in some individuals . If the growth plates remain open between 18 and 20 years of age (this is uncommon), height can still continue to increase at age 18.

Some cases suffer from “giantsism”. This condition causes excessive growth, usually from overproduction of growth hormone (GH) . However, these individuals usually only gain height until the growth plates close around 22 years of age. Furthermore, a form of hemochromatosis , a condition in which too much iron is absorbed in the intestines, can also cause an increase in height.

In general, these conditions can increase height until the growth plates close.

Menu to increase height at the age of 18

Age 18 is the time when a child has just passed puberty and reached adulthood. At this age, a child’s height begins to slow down or may not grow at all. However, children still have the opportunity to improve by 1-2cm if parents understand the mechanism of the height increase process as well as apply it effectively through nutrition.

When at the age of 18 want to increase height, building a menu to help eat enough energy and necessary nutrients. However, there are a few notes to keep in mind when building a menu for children as follows:

Increase calcium-rich foods : The daily regimen must ensure all 4 groups of substances. However, you should add foods rich in calcium, which is good for the bone system.

Should divide meals : Instead of just eating 3 main meals, eating too full, can eat 5-6 meals/day with smaller amounts of food. With side meals that can be supplemented with smoothies, fruits, yogurt…

Do not process foods that are too liquid as well as too thick: This makes it difficult to eat or to eat a lot of water, will feel full faster, minimizing chewing.

To get protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, and calcium needed for growth, mothers should choose foods such as egg yolks, beef, carrots, potatoes, nuts, fruits, green vegetables. , peanut…





Snack (morning – afternoon)


Vermicelli + 1 glass of fresh milk

Rice + salted shrimp + clam soup cooked with kale + plum

Rice + tomato sauce braised with scad meat + red beetroot shrimp soup + tangerine

1 sponge cake + red bean tea


Beef steak with bread + 1 slice of cheese

Rice + Mackerel with tomato sauce + Young rib soup cooked with lemon squash + cherry

Rice + beef braised with melon + sweet potato soup cooked with mushrooms + papaya

1 cup of soybeans + yogurt


Chicken noodle soup + soy milk

Rice + Grilled ribs + Watermelon soup cooked with bitter melon + sapoche

Rice + honey grilled chicken + cooked red tilapia fish soup + strawberries

1 avocado smoothie + 1 plan cake


Egg rolls + 1 glass of orange juice

Rice + snakehead fish sour soup + fried squid with lemongrass and chili + apple

Rice + sweet and sour fried squid + crab soup with jute vegetables + banana

1 beef cake + strawberry juice


Mixed sticky rice + yogurt

Rice + shrimp soup with vegetables + braised meat with eggs + mangosteen

Rice + stir-fried beef with Thien Ly cotton + zucchini soup cooked with young ribs + apple

1 cup of bean soup + 1 cup of tofu


Fish noodle soup + strawberry juice

Rice + sweet and sour fried ribs + mussel soup cooked with melon + watermelon

Rice + boiled chicken + braised goby with pepper + broccoli soup with minced meat

1 sweet potato + 1 jar of fresh milk


Shrimp porridge + dragon fruit

Rice + spinach cooked with minced meat + egg with tomato sauce + Banana

Rice + pumpkin soup cooked with minced meat + char siu + mango

1 glass of fresh milk + sponge cake

Some other ways to increase height at the age of 18

There are some simple techniques you can try to make yourself look taller or help you feel better about your height. Some people resort to more invasive medical procedures.

If you’re over 18, an adult age unsatisfied with your height, here are a few things you can try:

  • Practice good posture: good  postures like standing, sitting up straight, moving around regularly will help you look taller, bad postures can even take away a few centimeters of anyone’s height in the human eye. other.
  • Try high heels or insoles:  Choose shoes with a higher heel or put a height booster insert into the shoe to add a few centimeters of height.
  • Exercise to increase muscle to become stronger:  If you feel small about your body, practicing sports, lifting weights to increase muscle can make your body stronger, having muscles helps you feel more confident.
  • Use healthy foods to support height gain before the age of 18 to provide the full nutritional content needed for the body.

While these simple strategies can help, some people resort to more extreme measures, such as leg lengthening surgery. However, due to the invasive and expensive nature of these operations, many people do not choose such drastic measures. These procedures are even banned in some countries. Others seek growth hormone (GH) treatment . Although GH can improve height in children who are not growing properly, the benefit of this treatment in adults is unlikely .

Ultimately, finding ways to accept your height is recommended rather than looking at more extreme measures.

Tips for having a modest height at the age of 18

If you want to get taller, the best thing you can do is learn to accept your current height. Focusing on your strengths and qualities can help you feel less important.

While you may not be able to grow as tall as you would like, there are things you can do to help yourself accept your current height. It’s helpful to realize that height isn’t everything.

Making a list of your best qualities, both physical and non-physical, can help improve your outlook. Alternatively, you can focus on other areas for self-improvement. Losing weight or gaining muscle can give you the confidence boost you’re looking for.

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