What is the average height of Koreans?

Perhaps few people know that in Korea, in addition to exams, the issue of height is also one of the “obsessions” with Korean youth. So what is the average height of Koreans that makes young people in Kim Chi so stressed? Read the article below to know why!

World average height

Human height is the distance measured from the soles of the feet to the top of an individual’s head when standing upright. This distance is measured in centimeters, meters or, in some Western countries, in feet or inches.

Normally, the average height of men will be higher than that of women, and the average height of Asians will be lower than the average height of Europeans.

According to a survey report on September 30, 2018 by Disabled-world, the world average height for men is 177cm (69.7 inches) and women is 163.3cm (64.3 inches).

However, in different countries, this figure for average height has amazing disparities. Let’s take a look at some figures about the average height of countries around the world to see the difference clearly!


With a figure of 175.62cm, the Netherlands has been recorded as the country with the highest average height in the world. Here, the average height of men is up to 182.53cm, much higher than the average height of the world. The average Dutch woman is 168.72 cm tall, a very respectable figure.


Many people mistakenly believe that the United States is the country with the highest average height in the world. However, the average height for men in the United States is only 176.4 cm and for women is 162.9 cm.


In France, the average height of men is 1m75 and women are 1m62. This figure is approximately the average height in the US.


Denmark is also one of the countries with the highest average height in the world. Specifically, the average height of men here is 181.38cm and 176.21cm for women.


China is one of the few Asian countries where the average height of both men and women is on par with the world average. The average Chinese man is 172.1cm tall and the average Chinese woman is 160.1cm tall.

North Korea

In North Korea, the average height between men and women is quite different from the world average. The average North Korean man is 165.6cm tall but the average woman is only 154.6cm tall.


According to a study on the average height of Vietnamese people in 2018 , the average height of Vietnamese men is 163.7cm and women’s is 153cm. This is the reason why Vietnam is in the top of the countries with the shortest height in the world.


Another country that is also in the top of the tallest countries in the world is India. Here, men have an average height of 164.7cm and women are 151.9cm.

Average height of Korean people

Average height of Korean people

According to the results of research on average height in countries around the world, the average height of Koreans for men is 170.1cm and for women is 157.4cm. With this result, Korea is also considered an Asian country with a fairly prominent average height.

Many people look for the answer to the question ” Why are Koreans so tall?” was shocked when he learned the truth. In Korea, parents always expect that their children will be taller than their peers because of the idea that tall will have many advantages in life. Therefore, the parents of Kim Chi country rushed to buy height increasing drugs, nutritional supplements to stimulate height and even inject hormones for their children from a young age.


Koreans’ obsession with average height is increasing and tends to be negative. Therefore, we need to have a correct view of the importance of an individual’s height index in life and equip ourselves with knowledge about healthy methods of increasing height.

Korean stars’ height – Korean stars have the biggest height in Kbiz

Because of the heavy conceptions of individual body mass index, the issue of height and weight of Korean stars is of particular interest to the public and is strictly reflected if it is too deviated from the standard.

Let’s take a look at some of the average Korean height measurements when being a celebrity!

The height of Korean female stars

Kim Da Mi

Emerging recently with the lead role in the movie “Itaewon Class”, Kim Da Mi has caused a lot of controversy because of her face with a very strange beauty, different from her mass. Not only that, she also surprised fans with her 170cm supermodel standard height. But even so, when standing next to actor Park Seo Joon, she still looks like a small girl of 1m60. It is the loveliness and “suitability” of the male-female lead couple that the film has captured the hearts of a large number of fans.


As a member of the legendary girl group SNSD, Sooyoung has impressed since the early days of her debut with her 170cm height and super sexy long legs. Because of this outstanding height, every time on stage, Sooyoung is always the focus of attention, sometimes overwhelming many members of the same group.

Jun Ji Hyun

Possessing an outstanding height compared to the height of Korean actresses – 173cm, at the age of 16, Jun Ji Hyun entered showbiz as a professional model. After more than 20 years in the entertainment industry, Jun Ji Hyun is still one of the most expensive actresses with the sexiest body in Kbiz despite being a mother of 2 children.

Lee Sung Kyung

When naming Korean actresses with impressive height, it is impossible not to mention Lee Sung Kyung. Originally from a model, this girl born in 1990 owns a height of up to 175cm. Thanks to his outstanding face and height along with his acting talent, Lee Sung Kyung became a familiar face of many famous fashion brands and magazines.

Han Hyo Joo

Few people know that the person dubbed “the most beautiful smiling beauty in Korea” owns a respectable height – 172cm. Because of this, every time Han Hyo Joo appears, all eyes are on her not only because of her sweet smile but also because of her long and sexy legs.

The height of Korean male stars

Although the average height of Koreans for men is 170.1cm, Korean male stars possessing a great height have quite a significant difference.

Lee Kwang Soo

Among the top 3 Korean male stars with the highest height, “giraffe” Lee Kwang Soo far exceeds the average height of Korean people by up to 20cm. With a height of 194cm, Lee Kwang Soo is ready to accept all his “handsome” co-stars to half his head. That’s why in Kbiz there is a rule that “Don’t stand too close to Lee Kwang Soo”.

Park Seo Joon

Having appeared in many legendary movies that caused a fever on the small screen in Korea such as “Dream High 2”, “Kill Me, Heal Me”, “She was pretty”, “What’s wrong with Secretary Kim?” and most recently, “Itaewon Class”, it’s no wonder that Park Seo Joon has a huge fangirl base. Not only because of his good-looking face and quality acting, but his height of 185cm is also a weapon to defeat many girls’ hearts.

Kwon Hyun Bin

Before being known to the public as a member of the group JBJ, Kwon HyunBin worked as a model for YG Kplus. With a height of 187cm, HyunBin is currently a bright face for many Korean photo shows or TV shows.

SF9 – RoWoon

Currently, RoWoon is the tallest Korean male idol in Kbiz. According to the management company FNC, RoWoon is 189cm tall, while he personally admitted that his real height is 190cm. However, fans think that his height must be up to 192-193cm.

Nam Joo Hyuk

Also a good example of encroaching from model to actor, actor Nam Joo Hyuk owns a handsome face with a height of 187cm, proving to the audience his multi-talented self. .

Currently, he is one of the famous male actors of the Korean Hallyu wave .

How to grow Korean height – The secret to increasing height of Korean stars

Few people know that, in the period 1900-1950 and earlier, Korea was the country with the lowest average height in Asia. At that time, the average height of Koreans for men was 161cm and for women was 154cm.

Therefore, the Korean government is very concerned about the issue of ” How to grow taller ?” and began to attach importance to the physical development of young children. The Korean government has launched the program “Every child grows by 5cm a year” as a way to encourage people interested in finding ways to improve their height .

To implement this program, a team of Korean pediatricians has researched safe methods to increase height , the most effective way to increase height , researched nutritional supplements to meet the question. Question ” What to eat to increase height fastest ?” of young mothers. In addition, each mother after giving birth is supported to participate in a training course to supplement knowledge on safe height development for young children.

However, this problem of increasing height has generated many negative effects. Typically, the current pressure on increasing height in Korea is so great, they even consider men under 1m75 as “failures”. More seriously, many parents, because they want their children to grow up, find ways to increase their height as quickly as possible , including injecting growth hormones for young children or abusing height-enhancing drugs for adults . This is a very dangerous job and should not be done.

We can refer to the following healthy Korean methods of increasing height. They are also ways to increase the height of Korean stars that are highly recommended.

Working hard

Korea has a mountainous terrain, so mountaineering in Korea is very popular. Koreans go mountain climbing as both a way to relieve stress and a way to improve flexibility, which has a positive impact on height development.

Healthy eating mode

When Koreans eat and drink, they only take a sufficient amount of food on small plates according to individual portions. This way of eating is called banchan. In this way, children in Korea can fully absorb nutrition, not only eat starches, and avoid nutritional imbalances when they grow up.

Use fermented foods

Fermented foods such as kimchi, pickled radish, yogurt, etc. have great effects on the body. They contain probiotics that are good for the digestive system, boost immunity, good for the skin and have a great weight loss effect.

Use ginseng and foods made from ginseng

In addition to kimchi, Korea is also known as the land of ginseng. Koreans use ginseng in everyday dishes such as stewed chicken, porridge, shrimp, duck, etc. There are also canned products and cosmetics made from ginseng which are also very popular in Korea.

Increase milk intake

Children in Korea from a young age are encouraged to drink a lot of milk. Milk contains calcium which helps in the development of strong bones.

Grasping this consumer demand, many companies have hit the adult mentality, researched and produced milk products to increase adult height . However, this milk is not a miracle height increase drug for adults as rumored. Milk only has the effect of supporting height increase, still must be combined with exercise and a reasonable diet.

Go to bed before 10pm

Sleep also plays a very important role in height growth. Sleep not only helps eliminate toxins in the body, regenerate cells, restore organs in the body, but also helps the skeletal system develop. The body needs enough rest in order to fully develop.

Thus, despite being an Asian country, the average height of Koreans is a very respectable number. To achieve that result is a process of 10 years of efforts of the Government and people of Kim Chi country. If you also want to have a desirable height, then quickly choose a healthy lifestyle!

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