Exercises to increase height for children

The Exercises to increase height for children play an important role in helping children achieve their dream height in the future. Along with proper nutrition, regular exercise will create conditions for the vertebrae and bones to expand, supporting the child’s maximum growth.

Exercises to increase height

Scientific and correct exercise will enhance metabolism in the body, help growth hormone secrete more, increase bone weight when children reach puberty and adulthood. However, mothers need to pay attention to choose exercises to increase height for children appropriate to the age of the child, and at the same time guide the child to practice correctly and enough to achieve the highest efficiency.

Here are some exercise increase height for baby Help children grow taller naturally.

1. Cobra stretching exercises

This exercise is really easy and gentle for children, helps to lengthen the spine, make the spine more supple and flexible, and stimulates the cartilage between the vertebrae to grow rapidly.

Perform: The child lies on the mat, face and palms facing down. The child then uses the arms to lift the spine up, with the chin pointing up as high as possible, back arching as much as possible. Repeat this pose 3-4 times, each time lasting 5-30 seconds.

Exercises to increase height for children

The more the child’s back bends, the more beneficial it is for the bones to expand

2. Shallow swimming

This exercise has a strong impact on the lower body of the child, helping to stretch the whole body. Along with traditional swimming in the water, swimming on land is also very helpful for children’s height development.

Perform: Place your belly on the floor with your body fully extended. Place your arms stretched out in front of you, palms perpendicular to your shoulders on the floor, then raise the other arm higher. Children try to keep legs straight, left arm is raised, raise right leg off the floor as high as possible. Like that, the child changes limbs continuously and each position remains for 20 seconds.

3. Hanging exercise

This is Exercises to increase height for children Simple yet extremely effective. Every day, children can easily do it at home or at the park. This pose helps to flex and lengthen the spine, thereby helping children to increase their height.

Perform: Children use their hands to cling to the solid bar and hang themselves on the bar. The child hangs for as long as possible, and when he starts to feel tired, slowly turn around and try to touch the ground with the tip of his foot.

Exercises to increase height for children

Hanging bar is a simple but extremely effective height increase exercise for children

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4. Jump rope exercise

Jumping rope is a familiar height increase exercise not only for children but also for adults. This exercise is also quite simple, can be combined with listening to music or singing along to music when practicing. Jumping rope helps to stretch the body, especially the legs. Your baby’s muscles will be pulled to the fullest as he performs a rhythmic jumping motion.

Exercises to increase height

Jumping rope helps children to move their whole body, comprehensively develop both body and height

5. High jump exercise in place

This height increase exercise is very easy for children to do anywhere: at home, classroom, park… Children start the exercise by standing upright, then the knees slightly bend and try to bounce. jump really high, at the same time arms straight up. You should do this movement continuously for about 2-3 minutes.

Sports exercises to increase height

The high jump exercise is very easy to do, and can be applied in many places

Note for children when practicing

All the exercises to increase height for children All of the above are simple and easy to implement, but the effects are great for older children. Parents need to keep in mind the following things to make the child’s training process go smoothly:

  • Before practicing, it is necessary for children to warm up and warm up their body to avoid injury during exercise.
  • If a child enters puberty, parents can learn more about Exercises to increase height exclusively for puberty for maximum efficiency.
  • Mothers should apply the formula “5 + 2” (5 days of exercise a week, 2 days of weekend sports) so that children have an active and healthy life, develop physical strength and height.
  • Not only encouraging children to be active, parents should also remind children to limit sitting in one place. At school, children have been studying for a long time, so when coming home, avoid watching TV, playing video games, playing with phones, iPads… 2 hours per day. In addition, parents also set up a reasonable diet and study and activity schedule for their children so that they can develop comprehensively physically and mentally.

Children who are set up with a suitable exercise regimen will maximize the height development process. Besides, parents should also take care of their children with a scientific and healthy diet. Parents can let their children come Nutrihome Nutrition Clinic System,This is the place to gather leading nutritionists with highly specialized and experienced doctors, combined with the support of modern equipment and machines to help diagnose quickly and accurately, making an important contribution to effective treatment. In addition, the dietetic engineers at Nutrihome will survey the food portions and design appropriate menus to help children maximize their height.

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