How to increase height at age 16 – 17 effectively and safely

Children 16-17 years old still have the ability to grow in height if they have a reasonable diet and exercise. So, how to help children? increase height at the age of 16 goodyoke grew at the age of 17 how? Parents, please refer to the article below.

May increase height at the age of 16-17 or not?

16, Can 17 years old be tall anymore?? That is a frequently asked question by many parents or young people.

Usually, children’s height grows most strongly and markedly at certain stages such as: fetal stage, 0-3 years of age, prepubertal and pubertal age. Through puberty, the height will grow slowly, increase to about 1-3 cm and the child will officially close the “journey” of height development at about the age of 20.

In girls, puberty is before the age of 8 years, in boys, before the age of 9. Puberty then is the period when a child’s height increases the fastest, boys can increase by 10-15cm per year (especially between the ages of 13-14), and girls can increase about 7 -10cm (especially between 11-12 years old).

When turning 16-17 years old, the growth rate of height for both men and women will slow down, only about 3-5cm for women and 5-7cm per year for men. This process may stop completely or develop very little when turning 20. Thus, if well cared for with a reasonable diet and scientific exercises, children can completely increase height 16 years old17 effectively.

Increase height 16

Young 16, Can 17 years old be tall anymore?? The answer is tIt’s possible to be cheap increase height at the age of 16-17

5 ways increase height 16, 17 effective and safe

Parents can apply the how to grow taller at the age of 1716 for children as follows:

Eat well, focus on nutrients to help increase height

A scientific, balanced diet is always an essential factor to ensure a healthy body. For 16-17 year olds, this is the stage It is necessary to ensure a diverse supply of foods belonging to four groups of substances: starch, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

To get a diet full of essential nutrients to help children increase height at the age of 16-17Parents should note the following points:

  • Add lean protein: Protein is a component of growth hormones, helping to regenerate cartilage, develop bone and muscle cells. In addition, this nutrient is involved in all activities of the body, so it greatly affects the growth of height. Lean protein, also known as fat-free protein, found in foods like soybeans and nuts, helps promote muscle growth and healthy bones create a strong foundation for muscle growth. increase height 16 years old, 17 for men and women. Children should avoid foods that contain a lot of unhealthy carbohydrates such as pizza, cakes, carbonated drinks, candy …

Food to increase height 16 years old

Increasing protein from nuts, beans is also a how to increase height 16 years old17 for children

  • Increase calcium-containing foods: Calcium is an important nutrient that participates in the body’s bone structure, so at this age, children should actively supplement calcium to ensure How to increase height at the age of 16, 17 effective. Calcium is found in milk, dairy products like yogurt and green vegetables like kale or spinach.
  • Zinc supplements: Many studies have shown a possible link between zinc deficiency and stunted growth in children. Zinc helps the body carry calcium from the blood to the bones more efficiently. Therefore, you should ensure that you provide enough zinc for the body to ensure that children can develop comprehensively. Zinc is abundant in foods such as oysters, pumpkin seeds, lamb, crab, peanuts, etc.
  • Vitamin Supplement: Vitamin D It is an indispensable mineral in the growth of height. Vitamin D promotes muscle and bone growth. In addition to vitamin D, parents should also give their children vitamins A and C. These are vitamins that promote the growth and development of bones, strengthen the body’s resistance, and help children. increase height 16, 17 effective.

Drink a lot of water – one of the ways to grow taller at the age of 17, 16

When the child’s body does not exist toxins, the metabolism will take place more quickly and smoothly, from which the bones will also have conditions to grow stronger. To help the body no longer toxins, the body needs to absorb at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Especially in the morning, when you first wake up and have an empty stomach, you should immediately drink 2 glasses of water to support the body Cleanse the digestive system and remove harmful substances.

Therefore, drinking water every day can also create favorable conditions for children to quickly increase height at the age of 16, 17.

The secret to increasing height at the age of 16

Drinking water helps prevent toxins from accumulating in the body – one of the how to increase height at the age of 1617 need to perform.

Regular exercise – how to increase height at age 16

Exercise is an important step for teenagers to continue growing after puberty and during adolescence. Regular exercise will help the joints and muscles be stretched, and at the same time stimulate the body to secrete more growth hormone GH. increase height 16, 17 effective.

There are many ways to practice sports, depending on our personal preferences and circumstances, we can choose suitable sports activities. Children can participate in clubs, instruction centers and sports training. Or children can also practice at home by themselves through sports such as jumping rope, jogging, cycling …

  Exercise to increase height

Regular jogging can promote increase height at the age of 16, 17

Ensure quality sleep – how to increase height at age 16, 17

Proper sleep, guaranteed quality of sleep is also one of the important factors that directly affect the height of children. A deep sleep will help the body rest after a day of studying and playing. Especially when sleeping soundly, the growth hormone GH will be secreted the most, helping to accelerate the height growth process. At the age of 16-17, teenagers should sleep before 11 pm and sleep for 8 hours a day to ensure quality sleep.

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Stay away from stimulants

OLDStimulants are considered to be the main factors hindering human height growth. Minimizing stimulants to ensure that the child’s natural height is not shortened due to the influence of environmental factors, this helps ensure how to grow taller at the age of 17, 16 efficiency. Some typical stimulants to avoid such as: Caffeine, tobacco, steroids…

In short, children can completely increase their height at the age of 16-17 if they know how to apply nutrition, scientific exercise and reasonable rest.

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