The most effective gym exercises to increase height

Gym exercises to increase height are both a way for you to get the right height, balance, and bring a really healthy and toned body. So what gym exercises to practice to help improve height effectively? Let’s find out detailed information through the following article of

What is gym? Is gym good?

Gyms first appeared about 3000 years ago in ancient Persia, called Zurkhaneh. However, Greece is considered to be the place where Gym is invested methodically and developed early. After a period of quite strong development, Gym disappeared for many centuries and began to be popular again at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

Up to now, Gym has become a popular form of exercise, from urban to rural areas, all have seen the birth of a gym with many modern machines to support exercise.

Gym is a form of indoor exercise with the support of specialized machines to support health care and bodybuilding.

Working out at the gym offers the following benefits:

  • Muscle development : Regular exercise helps the muscle mass in the body to grow fast and strong, forming big and beautiful muscles. Possessing a muscular body helps men become more masculine and attractive.

  • Balanced body : Gym training is an effective energy-burning solution, reducing excess fat, the body becomes more balanced and toned.

  • Strong bones: Exercise creates muscle impact, force on bones, stimulates bone mineralization, increases the amount of minerals in the bones, thereby helping to make bones strong and supple, reducing the risk of osteoporosis.

  • Weight loss: For people with a slightly plump physique, exercising helps to remove excess fat in the waist and thigh area, effectively losing weight. This is also the most popular form of weight loss exercise today.

  • Beauty, anti-aging : Gym exercises promote metabolism, increase natural collagen and elastin, help smooth, healthy skin, prevent aging and form wrinkles.


Does exercise affect height growth?

Many people think that exercising at the gym at a growing age will inhibit growth in height and make people shorter. However, this is only true for heavy weight training, in fact, gym training has a fairly effective effect of improving height.

The ability to improve height of specific gym methods is as follows:

  • Stimulate the production of more growth hormone : Movement in general and gym exercise in particular have the effect of stimulating the pituitary gland to secrete more growth hormone. Research shows that, after exercising, the amount of growth hormone secreted is more than when not exercising. Gym is the right choice if you are looking to improve your height.

  • Increase bone density : Regular exercise contributes to increased bone density. The results of practical studies show that athletes and people who regularly practice sports have higher bone density than normal people. High bone density is a good foundation for favorable height growth.

  • Reduce bone and joint injuries: High bone density, strong bone system helps reduce the risk of bone and joint injuries when exercising as well as in life. Healthy bones and joints, well-developed bones will also promote a rapid increase in height.

Therefore, it will be remiss if you ignore this great subject for your height increase training plan. Let ‘s refer to the gym exercises to increase height from the expert  nubest tall  !

Gym exercises to increase height

Exercises on the bar

This is a very basic gym exercise, applicable to both men, women and children. For this exercise, you choose a solid bar.


  • Prepare comfortably, jump and grab the bar, the distance between your hands is wider than your shoulders.

  • Using the force of your arms, lift your whole body up so that your chin is over the bar

  • Do it continuously.

With this exercise, you should note that your arms, hips and shoulders are in a relaxed state, breathing evenly. The exercise on the bar helps to stretch the lower body weight, reducing tension between the vertebrae

But lift

This height increase gym exercise mainly affects the hip and back muscles, stretches the vertebrae, stimulates effective height development.


  • Perform in a supine position, with your back, shoulders, and arms close to the floor.

  • Bend your knees and buttocks as far as you can and arch your back so that your pelvis pushes up

  •  Maintain the pose for at least 20-30 seconds and repeat.

Leg  lengthening exercises to increase height such  as butt lifts can be done at home without having to go to the gym. Therefore, you can practice regularly with ease.


This is one of the gym exercises to help increase height, but it is very effective in the gym. All you need to prepare is a relatively soft rope, about 2m long, with a good grip. Perform the jump rope movement for 2-3 minutes, then gradually increase the exercise time. Although it does not require difficulty, this exercise is very effective in helping to build muscles and stretch the body, especially the legs.

Jogging with the machine

Running with the machine is a familiar warm-up exercise in the gym. This is also a beneficial exercise for the growth of height. When jogging, the joints in the legs will be stimulated, becoming more flexible and supple, the joint cartilage is produced smoothly, supporting height growth.

How to exercise:

Jogging on the machine, you start with a low speed, then speed up and finish by walking gently. Training time should be from 20 to 30 minutes/session, then continue with other gym exercises to increase height and beautiful body.


Frog Jump is an exercise for thighs and abs, and at the same time supports favorable growth in height. Every time you jump to perform the jumping exercise, the spine is released, no longer under the pressure of the body’s weight, which is very beneficial for the development of bones, and therefore good growth.

How to exercise:

  • Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, hands clasped together in front of chest, abs tight, shoulders open

  • Push your hips and butt back, bend your knees to lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor

  • Use the force from the heels to push the body up and forward, swinging the arms forward to create momentum for the body

  • Land on your toes, focus on your toes, and return your hands to the starting position.

  • Jump continuously for 3-5 beats, then take a break and repeat about 10-15 times/practice session

Bird dog

Gym Bird dog exercise helps stimulate the spine effectively, relieves low back pain, strengthens muscles, hips and back.


  • Prepare in a kneeling position on the mat, the distance between your hands and knees is exactly the same as your shoulders

  • Raise your right arm and left leg, keeping your shoulders and hips parallel to the floor

  • Hold this pose for 5-10 seconds, then return to the original position

  • Continue raising left arm, right leg and hold for a few seconds

  • Switch legs and arms continuously, repeat about 20-30 times on each side in each training session

Side plank

Also known as the side plank, it helps burn excess fat in the abdomen and intercostal muscles, slimming the hips. In particular, in the Side plank position, the spine is straightened, helping the vertebrae to relax, reducing the pressure of the weight. If you are looking to improve your height quickly and tone your body, Side plank is an exercise not to be missed.

How to exercise:

  • Place your forearm directly under your shoulder, facing outward, and your biceps and forearm form a 90-degree angle.

  • Left leg stacked on top of right leg, legs extended

  • Left hand placed on top of left hip or pointed towards the ceiling

  • Rest your whole body on your right forearm and hold the position for 30 seconds.

  • Release and do the same with the left forearm.

Cross-legged dumbbell push

This exercise has the English name Barbell floor wiper with the help of dumbbells. The weight in this exercise depends on the fitness of each person. Do not exercise with too heavy weight that can cause bone damage and adversely affect height growth. The Barbell floor wiper works the abs, forearms, hips, lower back, spine and shoulders.

How to exercise:

  • Lie on the floor, two hands holding dumbbells weighing about 20kg each, arms fully extended

  • With your legs closed, raise the barbell high and keep the arm position

  • Continuously pull your legs to the right, to the left, down to the floor.

  • Perform the exercise for about 1-3 minutes (depending on strength), then take a break

  • Repeat about 5-7 times/practice session

Weight training legs

Wearing leg weights helps put pressure on the joints of the legs, stimulates the joint cartilage here to grow, and the height also improves rapidly. Weight weight in leg weight exercises depends on the fitness and endurance of each person. At first, you should train with low weights, then gradually increase the weight as your body gets used to the intensity of the exercise.

How to exercise:

  • Fix the dumbbell to the leg firmly

  • Stand up straight, kick your right foot forward and backward continuously about 5 times

  • Take a break and continue doing the exercise about 5 with the left leg

  • Do 5-10 reps on each leg in each workout


Note when applying gym exercises to increase height

To improve height quickly with gym exercises, you need to pay attention to the following important factors:

From what age should you start exercising?

Only when we are physically and cognitively developed enough to understand and properly practice the techniques in the gym should we begin to get acquainted with this subject. This is a form of movement that requires the support of modern machines, if not understood correctly, using the wrong method, can adversely affect health and height.

The age of puberty and after puberty from 14 to 18 years old is the right time for you to start exercising. When starting out, choose only light-intensity exercises and always consult your trainer about training schedules and methods.

After the age of 20, most of us have closed our joints, so the gym is only used to burn fat and tone the body, but no longer improve height. If you go to the gym now for the purpose of increasing your height, you should consider it.

What time of day do you exercise in the gym?

  • In fact, the time to exercise in the gym depends on the lifestyle and work habits of each person. You can arrange your personal schedule and exercise in the morning, noon, and night.
  • Morning exercise: This is the most alert time, natural testosterone levels are at their highest during the day. This hormone plays an important role in protein synthesis, helping to build muscle.
  • Gym training at noon and afternoon: Working out in the gym at noon and afternoon is when the body has good pain tolerance, helping to improve training efficiency. This is also the highest body temperature of the day.
  • Exercise in the evening: This is the time when exercise performance is highest during the day. However, you should not exercise beyond 9pm because after this time frame, the organs in the body slow down, so do not exercise vigorously.

Exercise frequency

The frequency of gym training will have an impact on height growth as well as health. Many people believe that the more exercise, the better for the process of height growth. However, exercising too hard and with high frequency can damage muscles and joints, leading to pain, difficulty walking, and hindering height growth.

You should arrange a reasonable gym schedule, spend 1-2 days a week to rest, help injuries have time to recover.

Working out from Monday to Saturday, Sunday off is considered a suitable gym timetable, both good for height and healthy.


Appropriate, comfortable clothing makes exercise more convenient and easier. The important point when choosing clothes to wear to the gym is elasticity and sweat absorption.

For men, you should choose tank tops, T-shirts with shorts or joggers. Women can choose three-hole crop top, bra combined with leggings.

Avoid wearing jeans with stiff, less elastic materials that can make it difficult to move. Clothes with sophisticated designs, many details of strings, ducks, and metal are also not suitable for gym wear.

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