How to increase height of Chinese people

China’s 19-year-old youth has grown 10cm taller after 34 years (1985 – 2019), the fastest growth rate in height for Chinese men in the world, and 3rd place for women. What methods can be used to reap such admirable sweetness. Let’s discover how to increase the height of the Chinese in the following article by Growtallerstrategy.

In 1985, a height survey showed that, on average, 19-year-old Chinese women were 158 cm tall and men of the same age were 167 cm tall. However, according to a report by the medical journal Lancet, the average height of 19-year-old Chinese men in 2019 was 175.7cm, the fifth tallest in Asia and the tallest in East Asia; The average height of Chinese women is 163.5 cm, the tallest in the region.

Chinese people are especially concerned about height. In the book Factory Girls: Voices from the Heart of Modern China, author Leslie T. Chang describes the Chinese thinking about height as follows: “Height is a common obsession of Chinese people. This country has experienced many years of malnutrition and famine, and for them being tall represents good fortune.

Tall men are a symbol of strength, representing power and right and wrong, when they are tall, their words will carry weight. That is the thinking of many generations of Chinese people. With this in mind, they have found ways to increase height that combine the following aspects of science, culture, and traditional medicine:

Drink milk regularly

At many kindergartens in China, students are encouraged to drink milk every day to supplement calcium and essential micro-minerals that are beneficial for the bone system and height. Milk has long been known as a nutritious drink, providing a variety of nutrients to help children stay healthy and grow physically. It is thanks to the habit of drinking milk from a young age that Chinese teenagers have a very good height growth rate, the average height has improved significantly compared to previous generations.

Adopt a varied diet

In 2015, the National Health and Family Planning Commission conducted a survey on the Chinese diet. The results show that in 10 years (2002-2012) the Chinese diet changed in a positive direction. Children are provided with a variety of nutrients, healthy development, abundant energy, comfortable movement, enhanced immune system. These are all excellent conditions for height growth to its full potential, improving the average height of adolescents in China.


Increase calcium-rich foods

Consumption of foods with high calcium content such as seafood, green vegetables, meat and eggs in China reached 30.75 million tons in 2018, much higher than in previous decades. This proves that the Chinese have paid more attention to the addition of calcium-rich foods to promote height growth. Calcium is the main component in the structure of the skeletal system. Without calcium, bones will be very weak, easy to break, and grow poorly.

Reduce the rate of malnutrition

Economic growth helps Chinese parents to take care of their children’s nutrition by increasing healthy food intake and regular health check-ups. As a result, the rate of malnutrition among children in China has gradually decreased during the last four decades.

Also during this period, the average height of the Chinese had a drastic change. It is the positive change in controlling the rate of malnourished children that is a solid stepping stone for children in this country to develop a better height, to be in the top height of Asia.

Basketball practice

The basketball player in the world’s tallest group, Yao Ming, is Chinese. This has inspired many Chinese children to actively practice basketball for the opportunity to have a prominent height and more confidence in life. Chinese parents are very interested in basketball and are willing to invest in their children to learn this sport from a young age to promote height development. It is the regular practice of basketball that has helped many young people in this country get a good height, contributing to improving the average height of the Chinese people today.

Pay attention to sleep care

The sleep of Chinese children has now received more attention than previous generations. Some draft laws also propose a policy that allows elementary school students to go to bed before 9 pm, middle school students to go to bed before 10 pm even though they have not completed their homework and receive support from the government. many parents.

Not wanting to turn children into homework machines, reducing the amount of homework for students are calls that are widely spread on social networking platforms in China. Early sleep and deep sleep are ideal conditions for the pituitary gland to produce growth hormone. On the other hand, this also helps them feel relaxed, psychologically comfortable, thereby improving their concentration and ability to absorb knowledge on the next school day.

Leg lengthening surgery

Worried about losing a good job opportunity because of their limited height, many young Chinese have resorted to leg lengthening surgery, despite the dangerous health risks. With this method, our femur will be cut in half, installed inside the bone tube with a steel nail to fix it, waiting for the 2 bones to grow and heal together.

Bone lengthening surgery can add 6-10cm in height, quite attractive numbers. However, some unsuccessful surgeries can cause lifelong disability. The cost of surgery is also very high and it takes a long time to recover. When height is considered a passport to enter the threshold of life, many people accept the trade-off of health, money, and time to be able to own the desired height.

Wear anti-hunchback belt

Many parents in China encourage their children to wear an anti-humpback belt – a device that keeps the back straight to avoid keeping the spine in a straight state, avoiding the child’s hunchback and helping the height to develop better. However, having to wear this device constantly makes many children feel uncomfortable and inconvenient to operate.

Using traditional medicine

Millions of Chinese people look to herbal remedies prepared according to traditional recipes handed down for many generations to increase height. Not all remedies are as effective as expected, but the outstanding achievements of traditional Chinese medicine still bring certain benefits to health, helping children limit the risk of diseases and develop health problems. good physical development.


Use height functional foods

Many Chinese parents have begun to pay more attention to the line of functional foods for children, especially those who are busy and do not have much time to cook and take care of their children’s daily meals. Functional foods supplement many essential nutrients to help children’s bone system develop well, be strong, grow taller faster.

On the other hand, many Chinese people gradually lose faith in their homeland’s food industry due to frequent food safety scandals. Functional foods are the chosen alternative to provide nutrients to help the body have enough energy to function and stay healthy.

Injections of growth hormone preparations

Growth hormone is the main factor that controls bone growth and height. Without growth hormone, children can hardly reach the height standard, and their appearance is much shorter than their peers. In the case of children with congenital growth hormone deficiency due to pituitary gland disease, growth hormone injection is an effective treatment to help them develop good height.

Many parents in China find their children short and have come to this solution to promote height growth for their children. The price for this service is often very high and must be done under the supervision and control of doctors and specialists. Therefore, not everyone can access this way of increasing height. However, the case of short stature due to diet, living, and growth hormone injections not only has no effect on increasing height but also adversely affects health.

In general, the solutions to increase the height of the Chinese people focus on improving the following factors: Nutrition, exercise mode, rest mode – the important keys in the process of human physical growth and they are having great success. Along with Japan, Korea, and China, they are in the top of the countries with the best stature in Asia, although they used to have only a limited average height.

Vietnam, we inherently have the same height as these countries, but are lagging behind and are among the lowest in the region and the world. Actively learning from experiences and secrets that Asian tall powers have applied is what Vietnam needs to do if it wants to improve the average height of the nation.

Parents who are looking to improve their children’s height can learn some of the ways to increase the height of the Chinese people mentioned above to take care of and promote their children’s stature. Ideally, contact your doctor, nutritionist to receive specific advice and develop a plan to increase height for your child effectively and safely.

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