Is leg lengthening surgery dangerous?

Leg lengthening surgery can be a way to improve height for many people. With the advancement of advanced medical technology, height increase surgery is no longer too difficult. However, the risk as well as the potential for recovery and the effectiveness of the improvements is a huge issue for many people and requires precise answers.

As the need to increase height became more known, the advent of innovative techniques such as leg lengthening surgery. Although this is not the most important solution, it is seen as a measure to improve adult height. The article below from can help you with the process and help you make the right choice.

What is leg lengthening surgery?

Leg lengthening surgery refers to a form of surgery that cuts through the bone and uses a non-moving nail to gradually lengthen the length of the leg without damaging the periosteum. Previously, nails were cut through the bone to attach the outside of the frame. The amount of bone relaxes about 1mm/day. It takes 10 months for an extremely frayed frame. Modern technology allows immobilization of nails in the canal and by adding four more nails to the ends of the bones. Restoration process is 1/4 of the time to reach the desired height. Once the desired height has been reached, the nail is removed.

In fact, leg lengthening procedure is recommended for people with leg problems such as high legs, low knees, bow legs, etc. With the need to improve height increasing, many people turn to surgery. . Leg lengthening surgery is the goal to help you achieve your ideal height. According to medical experts, the age from 20 to 30 is the best age to perform this surgery because the bones are fully developed at this time. At 35 when a person’s bones start to lose strength, the procedure is not ideal and can cause complications.


How much higher can the leg lengthening procedure be?

Based on your doctor’s advice, your doctor may surgically lengthen the leg in the lower part of the leg as well as the thigh. The extension of the lower leg can be increased from 8 to 8.5cm and the thigh surgery can be up to 8cm. So a complete leg lengthening procedure can allow you to increase your height by 16.5cm. This is quite a large number because just 8 cm wide is already a significant improvement. Most surgeries aimed at increasing height are performed entirely on the lower leg.

Usually, doctors will notify patients by a specific increment. Based on the condition of each individual, the ability to lengthen bones is different. Your doctor will instruct you on how many centimeters you should stop to prevent problems and reduce your recovery time.

Does leg lengthening surgery lead to complications?

As bones stretch, muscles and tendons, skin, and blood vessels also relax. After surgery, for the first few days, your doctor will inject additional pain relievers and reduce swelling. Other treatments include antibiotics, anti-infectives, etc. The healing process after surgery leaves the patient with a tremendous amount of pain. Medications can be used to relieve pain. long-term pain, bad effects on the body. However, although the complications are not major, there can be negative long-term effects.

Full healing time for joints and bones after stretching surgery can take several months, even a year. Need to regularly practice sports, protect bones and joints Avoid vigorous exercise that can cause injury, more severe can lead to dangerous complications. After the healing period, you can return to your normal activities, but in reality, your joints and bones will begin to weaken.

Is your leg weak after surgery?

Leg lengthening surgery doesn’t change life expectancy as much as some people think. However, soft organs, such as muscles or blood vessels, tendons, ligaments, nerves, etc. need time to heal and so the initial period may be slower than usual, and less responsive. respond to situations that arise.

This is a risky procedure that directly affects vital organs in the body. Joints and bones take a long time to recover back to normal processes and mechanisms. Therefore, patients need to be prepared for the challenges of daily living due to stiffness.

After surgery, you will need to follow many exercise and daily activities instructions. The extent of recovery depends on the treatment and the individual’s health.

Should surgery be considered for leg lengthening?

Leg lengthening surgery is only used when it is not possible to grow taller naturally. The cost of surgery is not cheap The cost of surgery is also a large amount, so you need to be careful about your pocket, to avoid “break in the middle of the road” that can negatively affect the results later.

In addition, leg lengthening surgery can certainly cause both mental and physical discomfort. The pain can last for months, healing time can even last several years. This requires perseverance and the ability to continue to work seriously.

Painful nerves cause irritation, loss of appetite, or insufficient sleep and can cause weight loss, depression, and loss of motivation. After surgery, you will have to lie motionless in bed and then limit your movement. All day-to-day activities require support.

Also, for women with foot problems, foot marks can be a source of ridicule that makes you uncomfortable about your appearance. Therefore, before deciding to have surgery, you should be aware of the procedure until complete recovery. In addition, you can “cheat” your height through normal clothes without complicated surgical techniques.


The best method to increase height

Although surgery can bring positive results, it also brings dangerous and unpredictable complications for the body in the long run. So, starting from puberty, it is essential to invest in the body to grow taller:

Use a scientifically formulated diet

Nutrition accounts for 32% of a person’s chance of becoming bigger. Especially during puberty, a healthy and balanced diet is also a great opportunity for the body to expand. Pay attention to eating healthy, full of meals and supplementing with calcium, vitamin DK, magnesium zinc, collagen …

Exercise regularly

Much of your height increase is due to daily exercises. Make sure that you exercise regularly and engage in activities for 45-60 minutes a day. Basketball, swimming, badminton volleyball, cycling, jumping rope, yoga … all have the effect of increasing the body’s height, helping to strengthen bones and joints, easy to practice.

Sleeping enough

Sleep time is when the body flushes out toxins and metabolizes energy. During deep sleep, the pituitary gland produces large amounts of growth hormone that stimulates bone growth. You should go to bed at least 10 p.m. and rest for 8 hours every day.

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