Top 9 snacks to effectively increase height for children

Snacking is a popular activity among children, but it’s important for parents to choose snacks that are not only tasty but also support healthy growth. Instead of opting for snacks high in fat, sugar, or artificial colorants, there are nutritious alternatives that can effectively promote height growth in children. In this article, we will explore nine such snacks that provide essential nutrients for optimal growth and development.


Tofu is an ideal snack to increase height for children. A medium-sized cup of tofu contains relatively low calories, only about 60-90 calories. Meanwhile, the nutritional content is very rich.

Tofu is made from soybeans, one of the top names in height increasing foods. A 100g serving of tofu can provide children with 89.4g of water, 3.8g of protein, 1.2g of fat, 46.8mg of Calcium, 0.61mg of Iron, 23.2g of Phosphorus and 0.36g of Zinc.

Tofu sold at restaurants is now added with many toppings such as jelly, desiccated coconut, pearls, coconut milk, etc. This makes the calories in the dish also increase many times. Therefore, parents need to pay attention to the frequency of feeding their children to avoid causing weight gain and obesity.


Yogurt is best known as a nutritious milk substitute, but it’s also a snack that kids are sure to love.

A serving of 100g yogurt can provide children with 58 calories, 0.4g fat, 10g protein, 110mg Calcium, 11mg Magnesium. It is because of this abundant calcium content that yogurt is the number 1 choice if your child is allergic to lactose in cow’s milk.

Another important thing is that yogurt is rich in probiotic bacteria. These beneficial bacteria help the child’s digestive system work better, thereby optimizing the ability to absorb nutrients to grow taller.

Roasted soybeans

Instead of giving children soy milk, parents can replace it with roasted soybeans as a snack. Roasted soybeans not only ensure the nutritional content but also optimize the amount of fat in milk.

According to nutrition experts, soy protein contains all 9 essential amino acids for the healthy growth of the body. On the other hand, the large amount of protein in this food also helps to build and develop the muscular system, creating favorable conditions to increase height.

The nutrient content in a 100g serving of soybeans includes: 46 calories, 25g fat, 39g protein, 138mg Calcium, 3.14mg Zinc, 145mg Magnesium. So this is really a snack to help increase height for children that parents should not ignore.

Orange Juice:

While guava is known for its high vitamin C content, orange juice is still classified as a snack that effectively promotes height growth in children. Vitamin C is one of the key nutrients people associate with oranges. A 100g serving of oranges can provide approximately 53.2mg of vitamin C, which not only strengthens the immune system but also supports calcium absorption.

In addition to vitamin C, oranges are also rich in calcium, an essential mineral for bone formation and development. A 100g serving of oranges contains around 40mg of calcium, making it a snack that supports height increase.


Cheese, with its cool and mildly sweet taste, is a favored snack among children. Nutrient-wise, cheese has a profile that surpasses that of milk.

A piece of cheese can provide a substantial amount of nutrients including protein, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals necessary for overall growth and development in children. It is particularly rich in calcium and vitamin D, which contribute to healthy bone development.

Cheese not only serves as a snack to support height growth but also helps prevent tooth decay due to its ability to raise alkalinity and reduce acidity in the mouth. Cheese can be easily prepared at home, allowing parents to ensure its quality.

Dried Fruits and Vegetables:

Dried fruits and vegetables, which are both nutritious and delicious, make for an excellent snack choice for children. They are easy to prepare, store, and retain their inherent nutritional content.

During the drying process, fruits and vegetables lose water but retain a high concentration of nutrients. This snack is low in energy, high in fiber, and low in fat, making it beneficial for children. According to My Plate and the USDA’s dietary guidelines for Americans, half a cup of dried fruit provides the same nutrients as one cup of fresh fruit.

With dried fruits and vegetables, children can enjoy them daily without worrying about weight gain or adverse health effects. Parents can also prepare them at home, ensuring the nutritional value and food safety for their children.


Nuts are a highly nutritious snack that effectively supports height growth in children. They are low in calories yet packed with essential nutrients, making them an ideal choice for parents to consider.

Nuts belong to the food group that provides ample protein, a necessary nutrient for muscle building, satiety, and metabolic support. Almonds, for example, offer approximately 21g of protein per 100g serving, cashews provide 18g, walnuts provide 26g, and chia seeds provide 18g.

Moreover, nuts are a good source of calcium, such as almonds containing 269mg, cashews containing 37mg, walnuts containing 61mg, and chia seeds containing 255mg per 100g serving. Many parents have even switched to using nut milk as an alternative to cow’s milk due to the calcium content.

Additionally, nuts provide various other nutrients like fats, magnesium, zinc, vitamins, and more, contributing to comprehensive development in children.


A small cup of fruit makes for a nutritious snack that children will enjoy. With their natural colors, refreshing sweet and sour taste, fruits are a hit among kids.

Fruits are low in calories but rich in vitamins. Citrus fruits and berries, for example, are known for their high vitamin C content, which promotes collagen production in the body. Additionally, fruits rich in vitamin E and antioxidant compounds help keep children healthy. Parents can let their children enjoy fruits alongside yogurt or process them into smoothies and juices.

Oat Cereal:

Oatmeal cereals are nutritious snacks suitable for children. With their mild, milky taste, they make for a satisfying snack option during the day. However, it’s important to note that oat cereal provides a significant amount of calories, so parents should monitor the frequency of consumption.

These snacks serve as an ideal choice to meet a child’s energy needs for daily activities. Parents should also focus on providing nutritious meals, encouraging regular physical activity, and ensuring sufficient sleep for their children to reach their full growth potential.


Snacking doesn’t have to be unhealthy for children. By opting for nutritious alternatives, parents can provide snacks that effectively promote height growth. The nine snacks mentioned above, packed with essential nutrients like protein, calcium, vitamins, and minerals, contribute to overall growth and development in children. Encouraging healthy snacking habits can play a significant role in supporting optimal height and well-being.

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