Does volleyball increase height?

Volleyball originated in the United States and is loved around the world. The rules of volleyball are relatively simple. Both teams try to hit the ball to touch the floor of the other side to score. The team that wins 3 sets will be the winner.

Volleyball not only gives players a feeling of excitement and fun, but also supports height growth very effectively. Learn more about this in the article below of

Why does volleyball help increase your height?

When it comes to height increasing sports , we can’t help but mention volleyball. While defending his team’s field and attacking opponents to score points, each player must use some form of movement at the same time: jump, stretch, block, etc.

These moves stimulate the muscles and bones and strengthen the abs, back, and shoulder muscles. As a result, these muscles and bones become stronger and more supple.

In which, the volleyball net height is about 2.42 m for men and 2.24 m for women. Therefore, the players must make high jumps to be able to smash, pass or block a volleyball.


Jumping while playing volleyball will make all the muscles work continuously, the spine is lengthened and the discs between the joints are maximized.

These will effectively stimulate the growth of cartilage tissues and positively affect bone formation, thereby facilitating the height growth of players.

While playing volleyball, the players have to constantly move and change positions, especially the knee area. This will help promote cartilage growth in the knee. New cartilage layers are produced continuously while old cartilage layers under mechanical action will gradually be mineralized into the bone , helping to increase height rapidly.

How to play volleyball to increase height

To increase height by playing volleyball, you need to keep in mind that the height increase effect of volleyball depends on three factors such as time, frequency and technique.

When to start playing volleyball

Volleyball is a sport that requires a lot of physical strength. Therefore, you should not practice volleyball when you are too young or not healthy enough to play properly. The best age to practice volleyball is over 10 years old.

This is the stage to prepare to enter puberty – the “golden period” to promote height growth. The volleyball net should be adjusted to an age-appropriate height to stimulate jumping and hitting the ball.

Exercise frequency

To increase height, you need to pay attention to exercise regularly, without overtraining. Therefore, the frequency of playing volleyball is also an important factor that directly affects the height growth. You should maintain the habit of playing volleyball 3 times per week with 1-2 hours per session.

In case you have a passion for volleyball and decide to pursue it, the practice time can be increased to help improve skill as well as strength. However, the frequency of volleyball practice must be reasonable.

Volleyball training should be combined with proper rest to ensure favorable height growth.


Every sport has certain rules that players must follow. Therefore, in order to positively affect the musculoskeletal system and stimulate height growth, all movements in volleyball such as passing, hitting or blocking the ball… should be done properly.

As soon as we start practicing volleyball, we should take the time to learn its rules and techniques to play it easily and properly, thereby effectively supporting height growth.


Some other benefits of playing ball for health

  • Playing volleyball reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Supports flexible joints
  • Helps improve mood, limit stress, bring you joy in life
  • Create more cohesion, sociability in communication
  • Helps burn excess fat, effectively control obesity
  • Improved agility, increased reflexes more flexible
  • Improve your respiratory system effectively
  • Playing volleyball improves the quality of sleep because it can increase enzyme activity and muscle function, and bring a sense of calm and comfort to the body.
  • Volleyball makes bones more active. The movements of this sport will help prevent osteoporosis effectively

Above are the benefits of volleyball for height growth , please pay attention to maintain the habit of practicing this height increase sport to be able to improve your body shape quickly and effectively.

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