Can You Grow 5-10cm In 1 Week?

“How to increase height by 5cm – 10cm in 1 week?” and “How to increase height quickly in 1 week” are two issues that receive the attention of many young people today. In fact, can height or other ways to increase height help you grow so quickly? All will be answered in the article below.

Is it possible to increase height by 5-10cm in 1 week?

The increased height remembers the elongation of the bones. To grow bones quickly, you need to understand two main factors:  grasp the stage  and have  a proper growth plan .

There are 3 golden stages during height growth that you cannot ignore: pregnancy, infancy and puberty. In particular, at the stage of puberty, in addition to the support of your parents, you also need to have a suitable plan for yourself. In addition, the growth in bone length is considered an accumulation of factors such as  nutrition, exercise and sleep.

It can be said that, even if you are in puberty, your height still cannot increase by 5-10cm in just 1 week . However, as mentioned above, the height increases thanks to the accumulation of factors. Therefore, if you apply the plan to increase height for a long time, it will create a springboard to increase height by 5-10cm per year.

elongation of bones

How to increase height quickly in 1 week

To achieve the maximum height growth rate, please sequence or rely on the ways to increase height in 1 week below to make a plan to increase height with quick effect!

#1 Follow a balanced diet for 1 week

A balanced diet, if done consistently and consistently, will help increase height by 5-10cm at a growing age. If you pay attention, you can see that, even though they have the same height, plump people will look shorter than those with a moderate body. To be able to both improve weight and increase height effectively, it is very necessary to build a nutritious diet with nutrients.

To provide enough nutrients for the body, you should pay attention to supplementing with the following nutrients:

  • Eat plenty of protein-containing foods: Protein is an important ingredient in promoting and maintaining the strength of the muscular system and bones. You can choose to supplement protein through foods such as legumes (especially soybeans), nuts, green leafy vegetables (cabbages, spinach, amaranth,…), seafood, eggs,…

  • Eat foods containing calcium: 97% of the total calcium content exists in the skeletal system in the form of Hydroxyapatite. Without calcium, bones will not be able to grow at maximum speed, bone diseases will also appear with great frequency, preventing height growth.

  • Add enough zinc: Zinc is also one of the essential minerals for height growth. Zinc is involved in the process of promoting the growth of cells, while promoting the health of the immune system. You can get zinc through foods like wheat germ, pumpkin, pumpkin seeds or peanuts.

  • Vitamin D supplementation: Vitamin D promotes bone and muscle growth, vitamin D deficiency causes stunted growth and weight gain in women. Most of the vitamin D you get from sun exposure. Spend 15 minutes a day in the sun to get the required amount of calcium.

#2 Practice sports during the growth phase

Regular exercise is the fastest way to increase height by 5-10cm during teenage years. Get out and exercise your body for at least 45 minutes to 1 hour every day. If you do not know what sport to practice to increase height quickly, you can refer to the suggestions below:

  • Swimming: Swimming helps relax the back vertebrae, improving the flexibility of the limbs. As a result, swimming is considered the sport that helps to increase height quickly and effectively.

  • Single swing: Through the manipulation of hanging from the bar vertically, the vertebrae are released from the pressure of the body’s weight, the cartilages are created space for accretion.

  • Basketball: Basketball requires players to move continuously on the court through manipulations such as dribbling, leading the ball, jumping, reaching to throw the ball,… Through movement, the nerves and leg muscles are stimulated to work continuously, so that height can be increased.

In addition, you can refer to the selection of some other sports such as yoga, volleyball, football or skipping rope, jogging, cycling, …

#3 Get enough sleep every night

Human growth hormone is produced naturally in the body through sleep. In which, the period from 11 pm to 1 am the next morning is considered the “golden hour” for growth hormone secretion. However, to take advantage of this time frame, you need to be in a deep sleep state. According to the sleep cycle, without any external factors, you will fall into a deep sleep about 1 hour after starting to sleep. Therefore, it is best to go to bed at 10 o’clock every night.

#4 Increase height with clothes

height increase costume

Mixing clothes is one of the ways to increase height with immediate effect that you can try. This is also the secret to hacking the top shape that many artists with small bodies are still applying every day. To have a set of clothes to help hack your figure effectively, you should pay attention to a few principles below:

  • Wear clothes that fit you: Clothes that are too loose can make you look smaller. Therefore, wear clothes that fit your body to clearly highlight each body line.
  • Wearing high heels: To look taller, avoid wearing flat shoes or flip-flops. Instead, wear heels or sneakers that use padded inserts.
  • Wear shorts or mini skirts: Tights or leggings will make your legs look shorter. Instead, shorts or mini skirts will help elongate your legs.
  • Wear dark clothes: Dark colors or matching sets will help you look taller. You can choose from black, dark blue, light pink,…
  • Wear clothes with vertical stripes: Clothes with vertical stripes will create a elongated effect, helping you to hack your height effectively.

#5 Don’t smoke and use stimulants

Smoking, drugs and alcohol are the causes that contribute to increased stunting, malnutrition, preventing you from reaching the right height for your age. Not only that, the use of these preparations can also affect brain health, mental health and overall health.

Therefore, to develop comprehensively in terms of mind and height, you absolutely should not use these toxic products.

#6 Make the right posture in movement

correct movement posture

We are born with a straight spine, which also creates conditions for bones to grow faster and more smoothly. However, movement activities with the wrong posture can cause the spine to curve in an S shape, affecting the development of bone length.

Maintaining correct posture in all activities helps to keep the spine straight, creating favorable conditions for the development of the skeletal system. In addition, this is also a way for you to carry out life activities easily and minimize the possibility of losing height in old age.

#7 Periodic health check

Stable health is considered a necessary condition for rapid growth in height. When you have good health, your body will be able to digest and absorb the nutrients found in food easily. Thanks to that, the body has enough energy for height-increasing activities.

Periodic health check-ups are essential for you to grasp the overall health and development of the skeletal system. At the same time, early detection and timely treatment of disease germs appear in the body.

An effective plan to increase height in 1 week

In addition to building a reasonable nutritional menu, you also need to schedule other activities, especially time for exercise and sleep. Only in this way can your height increase plan be implemented effectively and bring benefits quickly.


  • 5:00 am – 5:30 pm: Physical activity
  • 6:00: Breakfast + Drink dietary supplements (if any)
  • 9:30 am: Have a snack


  • 11:30: Have lunch + Drink dietary supplements (if any)


  • 15:00: Have a snack
  • 17h – 17h30: Physical activity


  • 18:30: Have dinner + Drink dietary supplements (if any)
  • 20:30: Drink 1 cup of milk or eat 1-2 tablespoons of nuts
  • 22:00: Go to sleep

Above is how to increase height in 1 week that you can apply for yourself. Depending on the time of study or outside activities, you can adjust it to be more suitable. However, you still have to ensure 3 main factors including  eating enough meals, having time to exercise  and  sleeping on time.

If you want to be able to increase 3-5cm in just 1 week, it is completely impossible. Because, in order to increase height, bones need to accumulate elements and grow in length. However, if you apply the fast way to increase height for many weeks, your height will have a marked improvement, not only 3-5cm but maybe even more.

Therefore, every day, every week, do not forget to perform the above ways to increase height to achieve the standard height. Hope you get the height you want soon!

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