Short parents how to make their children tall?

Unfortunate to own an ideal height, many parents are extremely worried that their child will later be as short as their parents. However, is genetics a direct factor in determining a child’s height? Parents and readers interested in this issue are invited to follow the information in the following article.

Can short parents be tall?

Genetics is one of the factors that affect a child’s height later in life.

There are a number of formulas that are applied to calculate the height of children based on the height of their parents, specifically as follows:


Formula 1:

Son’s height = [(mother’s height + 15 cm) + father’s height] / 2

Daughter’s height = [(father’s height – 15 cm) + mother’s height] / 2

Formula 2:

Need to calculate the average height of father and mother:

TBBM = (father’s height + mother’s height) / 2

Boy: Height = TBBM + 6 cm, maximum height = TBBM + 11 cm, min height = TBBM + 1 cm.

Girl: Height = TBBM – 6 cm, maximum height = TBBM + 1 cm, min height = TBBM – 11 cm

Formula 3:

Son’s height = (father’s height + mother’s height) × 1.08 ÷ 2 (cm)

Daughter’s height = (father’s height × 0.923 + mother’s height) 2 (cm)

However, these are only calculation formulas synthesized by scientists. The actual height of the child may differ from the results of these calculations. In particular, many scientific studies have proven that genetics is not the only factor determining human height. Because genetics can only affect about 23% of a person’s height, the remaining 77% include: Nutrition, exercise, environment, sleep … completely depends on living habits as well as a sense of care. take care of each person’s body.

Therefore, if there is a scientific plan to take care of height, even if the parents are short, the children can still have an ideal height.

Today, in addition to intellectual capacity, height and appearance also play a very important role, greatly affecting each person’s career opportunities, emotions, and future. Therefore, every parent needs to equip themselves with the necessary knowledge on how to take care of their child’s height, in order to support their child’s height right now. If done correctly, even if the parents are short, the child still has a chance to achieve a relative height when grown up.

Short parents how to make their children tall?

The secret to increasing height for children, which short parents cannot ignore, is a specific plan that combines the following factors affecting the child’s height development at the same time:


Nutrition is considered to be the factor that plays the biggest role in determining a child’s height. Because nutrition accounts for up to 32% of the total factors affecting height. Therefore, a suitable diet will help your baby grow taller.

Nutrition to support the baby’s height needs to be taken care of right when the baby is in the womb. Specifically, during pregnancy, women need to pay attention to supplementing calcium-rich food groups such as seafood, spinach, beans, etc. to promote fetal bone development and help the baby after pregnancy. Born with a strong and supple skeleton, creating a solid premise for later height growth.

Besides the fetal stage, parents also need to pay attention to the baby’s nutrition throughout the development process, especially the 0 – 3 years old stage, the puberty stage from 12 – 17 years old (females). ), 13 – 18 years old (male). In addition to Calcium, mothers also need to pay attention to the content of nutrients beneficial for height growth such as: Collagen type 2, Phosphorus, Magnesium, vitamins and minerals…. The menu should be varied to stimulate the child’s eating ability.


The motor factor determines 20% of the child’s height. However, many parents are of the opinion that it is advisable to limit exercise for children in order to avoid heavy consumption, negatively affecting the physical development of their children. However, this is completely wrong thinking. Because, children need to be active, practice sports to improve their ability to react, be more agile and active. In particular, daily exercise helps joints become more flexible, supple, and firmer, stimulating a rapid increase in height.

Subjects that are beneficial to the development of children’s height: Basketball, volleyball, badminton, jogging, jumping rope, swimming, barbell….

Parents only need to create conditions for children to exercise for 1-2 hours a day with one of the above subjects, and the child’s height will quickly grow out even though the parents are short.

Sleep, environment

Scientists have proven that people mainly grow taller during deep sleep. At this time, the body will produce the most growth hormone content, stimulating the development of joints, thereby promoting height growth. The golden time for children to grow up is from 11pm to 1am the next day. Each parent needs to set up a reasonable time for the child, put the baby to bed before 10 pm so that the height has favorable conditions for maximum development.

Besides, a comfortable and fresh resting space will also help the baby sleep deeper and more comfortable, which is good for the growth of height.

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