Summary of ways to increase height at 21

Can I still grow taller at 21 years old? By the age of 21, when puberty has ended for 2 years (from the age of 18), height has shown signs of slowing down, if the peak period can increase by 8-12cm per year, then in 20, you can only inch up about 1-2cm.

Although it is no longer possible to grow “swiftly”, the opportunity to improve your height at the age of 21 is still there for you. Research shows that height only stops growing around the age of 20-25. That is, if you are lucky, you still have a chance to save your height. Right from this moment, you need to be aware of the factors affecting height including: Genetics (23%), nutrition (32%), physical training (20%) and living environment, psychology (25 %). While genetics is the one factor that can’t be changed, synergistically and scientifically influencing the rest will give you a close to 80% chance. Accordingly, you need to pay attention to the following habits that shares

Building a scientific diet:

Increasing height at the age of 21 needs to ensure enough 4 groups of substances: Protein – Sugar – Fat – Vitamins and minerals. In particular, focus on calcium-rich foods and strengthen 500-600 ml of milk per day. In particular, it is necessary to minimize the use of stimulants, alcohol, carbonated soft drinks, cigarettes… because these are all factors that adversely affect the height development process.


Exercise regularly and properly:

For men, you should prioritize choosing sports that are beneficial for height such as:

– Pull up bar: This exercise is very suitable for men, has the effect of helping the whole body to be stretched under the effect of gravity, releasing the cartilage layer between the ends of the bones, stimulating new cartilage to grow more easily. This cartilage production has a positive effect on bones, helping bones to lengthen and increase height naturally.

– Basketball: Playing basketball requires players to jump and stretch often. When the body is released from the gravity of the earth, the discs between the joints will expand. At the same time, practicing basketball will also help you burn calories quickly.

For women, to improve height at the age of 21, do not skip the exercises:

– Yoga to increase height: The poses in yoga such as sun salutation, cobra… all have the maximum effect to help stretch the spine, increase muscle strength, stimulate hormone production, thereby supporting support the best height improvement in adulthood.

Swimming: This is the sport that stimulates optimal height growth. When swimming, all parts of the body must work in sync, the movement of kicking your feet back and stretching your arms forward causes the spine and bones to be stimulated to increase length.


Get enough sleep

Having enough sleep plays a very important role in the growth and development of height at the age of 21. When falling asleep, the body will produce more growth hormone, which contributes to the stimulation of height. high growth and effective development. So if you are concerned about height, pay attention to maintain reasonable sleep, sleep early before 10 am to be able to improve height quickly and effectively at the age of 21.

Living environment, comfortable psychology:

In order for height to develop well, it is necessary to build a healthy lifestyle, comfortable physically as well as psychologically. Go to bed early and sleep 8 hours/day. If you go to bed early before 10 pm and enter deep sleep at 11 pm, the amount of growth hormone secreted will be more, supporting favorable height growth. Besides, the bedroom space needs to be spacious, comfortable, quiet, with less light for better and deeper sleep. You also need to arrange work and study in a reasonable way, should not be too stressed, pressure can adversely affect health and growth of height

Stand and sit with correct posture

Pay attention to the influence of the spine on height, maintain the correct sitting and standing posture, avoid putting pressure on the spine when bearing weight for a long time. In addition, standing and sitting in the right posture also helps you avoid scoliosis diseases, thereby helping you to grow taller more effectively.

Use healthy foods to support height increase:

Besides, to take advantage of the last time when your height is still growing, you need to use more health care products to help increase height. This is the source of essential nutrients to combine with nutrition from food to meet the nutritional needs of bones for maximum development, “breakthrough” height, and improve the chances of owning height. ideal in the future.

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